Technical Information

Technical papers co-authored by EDI personnel are listed below. Clicking on the title will take you to a brief summary of the paper. On that page will be a link you can click to download the entire paper in pdf format. In addition, we offer links to other sites containing valuable technical information. You can ALSO access these pages from the menu above.


Field Tests on an Advanced Cathodic Protection Coupon
(Paper 05039 presented at Corrosion 2005)


Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Reference Electrodes
(Published in MATERIALS PERFORMANCE, Vol. 33, No. 11, pp. 14-17 (1994) November)


Effect of Measurement and Instrumentation Errors on Potential Readings
(Paper 01294 presented at Corrosion 2001)


Long-Term Field Tests of Reference Electrodes for Concrete - Ten Year Results
(Paper 01296 presented at Corrosion 2001)


Installation of an Instrumented Cathodic Protection System on a Large Diameter AST
(Paper 03200 presented at Corrosion 2003)


Material Safety Data Sheets

At Electrochemical Devices, Inc. (EDI) research is an ongoing part of our success. In this section are a number of topics covering our products and their use. Many of these can assist you in answering questions about why a particular product is the best choice for your corrosion control application. Others will help you to better understand what equipment should or should not be used with our products. If you need additional information about our products, please contact us.