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Terminal Blocks

EDI Model ST Terminal Blocks use Model SM magnetically activated switches to simplify routine measurements in cathodic protection systems using sacrificial anodes.

The 2-terminal block is used for measuring current supplied by a single sacrificial anode. Measuring the potential between the pins indicates the anode current: 1 mV = 10 mA.

Placing a magnet opposite the brass pins will momentarily open the internal switch interrupting current flow. This will allow instant off potential measurements to be made.

The 8-terminal block permits individual current measurements to be made on up to four anodes. Measuring the potential between the appropriate pins indicates the anode current from that anode: 1 mV = 10 mA.

If a cathodic protection coupon is installed, a magnet will open a switch allowing instant disconnect measurements to be made. A separate terminal for a permanent reference electrode is provided so that all routine cathodic protection verification measurements can be conveniently made from a single terminal block.

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Terminal Blocks (Model ST).