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Custom Portable and Immersion Reference Electrodes

Electrochemical Devices, Inc. works with design and corrosion engineers to produce reference electrodes for those applications where our standard models may require modification.  Customization can be as simple as a minor change in dimensions, or it may be more complex such as a complete re-design of the housing.  If it is simple, it is only necessary to consult with us before ordering to ensure the change does not affect the functionality of the product.  When the design requires major modifications, we will prepare a drawing of the proposed product for engineering approval.  At that time the custom product is assigned a unique model number, IX, followed by a two digit sequence number to simplify re-ordering in the future.  We do not charge design fees for this service, and in most cases the custom product is priced comparably to a similar standard product.  For all custom designed products we use the same full featured electrodes used in our standard products.  To see drawings of these products, download the Custom Portable and Immersion References datasheet.


The Custom Portable and Immersion References data sheet contains drawings of the various designs we have produced.  It is available for downloading as a pdf file.
Custom Portable and Immersion References (Model IX).