Permanent Portable Reference Electrode Model IT

IT picture 1 EDI's permanent portable reference electrode, Model IT, is used to make potential readings in any application where a standard, liquid-junction portable reference electrode is presently being used. The Model IT contains a gel rather than a liquid so it can be used in all positions. The gel provides long maintenance-free service since it does not require refilling or cleaning. Soil contact is through a hardwood plug which offers several advantages over ceramic membranes: it will not clog as readily, it is resistant to salt blockage, and it can be reworked by light sanding or cutting if it becomes contaminated with oil. The Model IT has a twenty year design life and an indefinite shelf life if the end cap is in place. Gelled copper/copper sulfate (CUG) electrodes have a blue housing while gelled silver/silver chloride (AGG) electrodes have a light grey housing. Refer to the sidebar for additional information on these elements. Both models have a 1/4 - 20 threaded stud termination.

IT picture 2 The Model IT can be ordered with a temperature indicator which is bonded to the Model IT electrode body. The indicator displays the electrode body temperature in increments of 1°F over the range of 26°F to 120°F. This can be important because the reference potential of an electrode is affected by its temperature. Some of the newer standard practices now encourage the user to record the electrode's temperature at the time of the reading so that adjustments can be made if necessary. A second option is the addition of antifreeze added to the gel so that the electrode will not be damaged if exposed to temperatures down to -30°F (-34°C). However, antifreeze may shift the reference potential by up to 12 mV.

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The design life of a reference electrode is an estimate of the time based on test results it would take for enough salt to diffuse out from the inner core to lower the salt concentration to below saturation. At EDI, we use several techniques to extend this time as much as possible. One of these techniques is to increase the amount of salt reserve contained in the gel. This is one reason why longer life electrodes have physically bigger housings. Download our paper Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Reference Electrodes to learn more.




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