Seawater Reference Electrode Model IP


The Seawater Reference Electrode, Model IP, is a compact, economical, dry-type reference electrode for marine applications. It is 0.840 inch (21.3 cm) diameter which enables the user to cement on any 1/2 inch socket-end PVC pipe or electrical conduit fitting (e.g. male or female conduit thread or couplings) for permanent installation. Examples of this are shown on EDI Drawing IPASY – 5 in our data sheet where 1/2 inch PVC couplings serve as transition pieces for running the lead wire through conduit or attaching the electrode to a wall. For intermittent use, the Model IP has a blind 1/4–20 NC tapped hole for attaching up to a 5 lb (2 kg) weight. Should more weight than that be necessary, the electrode and the weight should be attached to a separate drop line as shown on EDI Drawing IPASY – 4. The electrode may be ordered with either a 1/4 - 20-NC stud end or #18AWG test lead wire. An optional copper sleeve is available which prevents excessive biofouling during extended exposures in seawater.

Model IP is intended for use in clean full strength seawater. Our Model IR-AGG Immersion Reference will give better service in polluted seawater or brackish seawater where the salinity varies with the tidal cycle.

The design life of a reference electrode is an estimate of the time based on test results it would take for enough salt to diffuse out from the inner core to lower the salt concentration to below saturation. At EDI, we use several techniques to extend this time as much as possible. One of these techniques is to increase the amount of salt reserve contained in the gel. This is one reason why longer life electrodes have physically bigger housings. Download our paper Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Reference Electrodes to learn more.

Complete Product Information is available for downloading as pdf files. Click on the link below to download.
Seawater Reference Electrode (Model IP ) data sheet.