Through-Wall Products Selection Guide


Process Vessel Reference Electrode is a unique two piece design.  It consists of a bridge which is permanently installed in the vessel wall and a reference electrode which is either permanently or temporarily inserted into the bridge to make potential readings.  It can be used at temperatures, pressures and environments where ordinary reference electrodes cannot survive such as oil field and pulp & paper applications. (Model FE)


Through-wall Reference Electrodes are available in several designs to serve the needs of different applications.  They typically are used in tanks, waterboxes and other applications where excess temperature, pressure or electrolyte contamination is not a problem. (Model FS, FH)


Custom Through-wall Products   Electrochemical Devices, Inc. works with design and corrosion engineers to produce reference electrodes for those applications where our standard models may require modification.  We do not charge design fees for this service and in most cases the custom product is priced comparably to a similar standard product. (Model FX)

bagged reference electrod
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