Impressed Current Anodes Product Selection Guide


Impressed current anodes are available with platinum or mixed metal oxide surfaces and titanium or niobium substrates, either solid or copper-cored. EDI designs and builds custom anodes to fulfill special requirements. In addition, we offer standard designs of probe and distributed anodes as listed below.

Modular Linear Anode System is a linear distributed anode system consisting of a MMO anode wire periodically connected to a larger bus wire. It is modular in design with a unique connector system that permits easy field installation in any desired configuration. Primary applications include beneath aboveground storage tanks or alongside pipelines. It can also be used in other underground and aqueous applications where a linear distributed anode is required. (Model AT) data
Probe Anodes have a threaded stainless steel nipple mount and are commonly used in power plant waterboxes. Available rod diameters are 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch. Standoff and active lengths usually range from 1 inch to 9 inches. (Model AR)
Custom Anodes: Electrochemical Devices, Inc. works with design and corrosion engineers to produce impressed current anodes for those applications where our standard models may require modification. We do not charge design fees for this service and in most cases the custom product is priced comparably to a similar standard product. (Model AX)

Anode Refurbishing: EDI can restore virtually any probe anode to new specifications for about half the cost of purchasing a new anode. Contact us for details.
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