EDI Model AT Linear Anode
Materials Quantity and Price Estimator
for Aboveground Storage Tank Bottoms

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Units of Measure English   Metric
Tank Diameter ft. Anode Spacing ft.
Ring Wall to Junction Box ft. Outer Loop to Ring Wall ft.
Current Density mA/sq.ft.    OR  Total Current Requirement Amps
Calculated Quantities
Tank Bottom Area Total Current Requirement
Number of Loops Total Protected Area
Largest Loop Diameter Anode Length
  Required Materials
50 ft. Anodes Pin-end & Socket-end lead wires
Tee-end lead wires
Pin-end & Socket-end wire length
Tee-end wire length Recommended Ref Electrodes
(EDI Model US-CUG)
  Estimated Costs: (Suggested Retail Prices)
Connector Lead Wires MMO on Cu cored Ti  
Reference Electrodes Estimated Man-hours for Installation
1.Required materials based on a single circuit with a power feed on each end and intermediate tee feeds as required. Tee-end feeds are recommended every 1,000 ft. (300 m). One reference electrode is recommended for every 50 feet (15 m) of tank diameter.
2. Estimates based on 1/3 man-hr. per anode. Experienced crews should take less time.
3.These calculations are based on protecting only one surface. If two surfaces are being protected, double the desired current density.

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