Electrochemical Devices Inc. Products Overview

EDI products are grouped into series for easy identification. Click on the series name to go to the selection guide for that series. Hover the mouse cursor over the underlined text to see pictures of the products.


Concrete Products (C Series) include reference electrodes and probes used in highway bridges, parking garages, light rail vehicle roadbeds and waterfront structures.

Anode Products (A Series) include EDI's AT Linear Anode System. This modular product can be field assembled in any required configuration from stock sections. This reduces both delivery and installation time. EDI also manufactures standard and custom probe and low-profile anodes for power plants.

Underground Products (U Series) include both regular and reduced diameter reference electrodes, reference electrodes designed for use beneath aboveground storage tanks, concentric CP coupons, rod CP coupons and magnetic switches.

Immersion Products (I Series) include a seawater reference electrode as well as one which can be used in any immersed application. Portable reference electrodes include a hand-held design and one which is free standing.

Through-wall Products (F Series) include standard and heavy duty through-wall reference electrodes for applications such as power plant waterboxes. The unique process vessel reference electrode is designed for high temperature or high pressure applications which are beyond the capabilities of ordinary reference electrodes.

Tube Sheet Mounted Reference Electrodes (T Series) are products unique to EDI. They mount directly on the tube sheet of a power plant waterbox allowing the measurement of corrosion potential in this once inaccessible location.