Our voyage to the bottom of the earth

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In January 2007, we took the trip of a life time, a cruise to Antarctica.   This web site is a record of our trip.

I wrote the diary while I was there so it would capture my impressions of that very beautiful place while they were still fresh in my mind.  After we returned, I split the diary into twelve sections, each covering one or two days, added the best of the many photographs we took, and saved them as individual pdf files to make them easy to view and print.   Additional pictures are posted as a photo gallery in low resolution to conserve disc space.   Higher resolution versions of any of these photos are available for non-commercial use; just send an email citing the file number to:   frank(at)edi-cp.com


We sailed from Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina on December 29th aboard the MS Nordnorge, a ship run by Hurtigruten Ferries of Norway.  For more information on the ship, visit the company’s web site www.hurtigruten.us . After crossing the Drake Passage, we arrived in Antarctica on New Years Eve.  The next five days were spent cruising the waters of the Antarctic Peninsula and making many landings on the mainland and adjacent islands.  After sailing back across the Drake Passage, we spent several more days cruising the fiords of southern Patagonia in Chile.  Finally, (and sadly) we returned home from what was the best trip either of us had ever taken.


  1. Ushuaia, Drake Passage
  2. Deception Island, New Years Eve
  3. Culverville Island, Neko Harbor
  4. Paradise Harbor, Lemaire Channel, Peterman Island
  5. Port Lockroy, Neumayer Channel, Wilhemina Bay
  6. Brown Bluff
  7. Weddell Sea
  8. Arctowski Station, Drake Passage
  9. Cape Horn, Beagle Channel
  10. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
  11. Patagonian Fiords
  12. Magellenic penguin rookery & return

Photo Gallery

The individual photos are all identified by a numerical file name, e.g. 1-039LR.  The number before the dash identifies where it was taken (with a few minor inconsistencies). When you click on the photo gallery, you will see a group of thumbnail size prints. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it, and then click on the arrows to cycle through the photos.

Antarctica Photo Gallery

  1. Deception Island
  2. Culverville Island
  3. Neko Harbor
  4. Paradise Harbor
  5. Lemaire Channel
  6. Peterman Island
  7. Port Lockroy
  8. Neumeyer Channel
  9. Wilhemina Bay
  10. Brown Bluffs
  11. Weddell Sea

Patagonia Photo Gallery

  1. Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego Nat. Park, Argentina
    1. Arctowski Station
    2. Cape Horn & Ship photos
    3. Beagle Channel & Strait of Magellen
    4. Torres del Paine Nat. Park, Chile
    5. Estero las Montanas
    6. More Patagonian fiords
    7. Ottway penguin rookery
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